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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Oct 29, 2011 10:04am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: 4/24/72 Sugar Magnolia

On my second go through of the E72 box, I gave a serious ( good volume )listen to the 3rd disc last night , the one with the big Dark Star sequence . Nothing I could say that has not been said before , but MAN this is why I love the Grateful Dead ! By the end of Wharf Rat, I'm completely blissed out .
The Sugar Magnolia is strangely subdued , as if Jerry sill is back in "jellyfish land", and can't quite shift gears to the usual powerful Sugar Mag. They jump straight back into SSDD, quickly accelerate to faster tempo that the main part of the song . You an hear Weir yelling "Yeah", "Come on" . Is this to the crowd or to his band mates , trying to get them pumped up ?
After this Phil says "Ugh Folks , we're going to take another short break, and come back and play a little longer for you in a few minuets, so...
Weir " We gotta rest up, we'll be right back ".
Even with all the energy of the, still young , 72 Grateful Dead , It seems they spent all their bullets, with that unbelievable, Dark Star they had just created ! Funny, I had never noticed it before . Nor have I heard anyone mention it elsewhere . I guess , after all that mind shredding , what they played after it is easy to ignore .

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Oct 29, 2011 10:41am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 4/24/72 Sugar Magnolia

... What I show have noticed were my sloppy spelling errors ...